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'Beyond the Photograph' - Newsletter for January, 2009
by Jamie Rood

I would like to thank everyone who has visited me at events and signed my guest book in the last six months. I've enjoyed the conversation, appreciate the encouragement and look forward to seeing you all again soon! :)

You've watched me improve my setup with Pro Panels (see below), and increase my production capability this month to print your orders in house up to 44"x90"+ on canvas or fine art paper (see right). My Epson 9900 printer uses the new 'High Dynamic Range (HDR)' inks which output more of the expanded color range of my HDR images (I create by shooting & combining multiple exposures of a scene).Jamie's new epson 9900 - 44" printer

Jamie's Pro Panel setup at the 2009 Spring Home & Garden Show in Austin Texas

I've also begun taking out of town trips to photograph, including West Texas last summer and Lost Maples in the Fall. I look forward to many more in 2009 and taking advantage of invitations from some of you to shoot on private lands.

Pumpjack on the Dunes Steps to the Light







Visit my web site: http://JamieRood.com & click on 'Shop' to get an idea of sizes and pricing. Feel free to call or email to discuss creating the perfect piece for your home, office or special gift! :)

Thanks again,
'Take a Deep Breath, Relax - and have a Great Day!' :)

Jamie Rood, Artist

Studio: 512.345.3468
Cell: 512.785.5830

7007-B St. Johns Circle
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