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Limited Edition Fine Art Print - Info

Great care is taken to ensure the best presentation & quality and all production is done by or under direct supervision of the artist. Archival materials. Customizations are available. All are signed & numbered with a Certificate of Authenticity.

Matted Prints:

Softer, more detailed image - matted, ready to frame.

Larger editions - 350 overall,
larger prints (i.e. 24x30 mat & larger) are often linited to 45 within the overall edition

image size varies to allow mat width of ~12-25%
For an example the image size of a 12x16 mat is normally 7.6-8" x 11.6-12"
thinner or wider images may vary.

18x24mat & smaller: prinarily Velvet fine art paper - unsealed
Larger Sizes: prinarily Textured Fine Art or Somerset VelvetFfine Art paper with spray sealer

Signed on print in front with details on back.
Available un-matted.


Stretched Canvas:

More textured 'painterly' look. Hand Stretched on Canvas - Ready to Hang on the Wall:

Smaller edition sizes - no more tha 10 in 60x40 & 32x48 sizes

image may wrap left & right
4-5 coats of UV Satin Sealer rolled on.

1 1/2" deep/thick stretcher bars used on most pieces (16"x24" or larger)
3/4" stretcher bars used on samller pieces with one side 15" or smaller
you may request specific croppings, sizes, stretcher bar thickenesses etc..

'mini' canvases are typically on 1/2" thick hardboard with hanging slot in back.

High Quality Canvas hand stretched with several coats of satin sealer for increased longevity
Normally Gallery Wraped (image wrapped around edges).
or Conservation wrap (see full image from front), best for framing.

- Samples prints on Canvas - later...


Functional & Wearable Itmes

Usually special sublimation inks 'heat-pressed' into the material. The inks go directly from a solid to a gas staining the coating of items. these are all 'open-editions'.

Ceramic Tiles / Coasters with cork backing

approximate specifications -
materials: ceramic tile, sublimation inks heat pressed into tile, cork backing
weight: ~6 ounce
width: ~4.25"
height: ~4.25"
thickness: ~.375"

glass cutting boards

foam rubber mouse-pads,


metal pendants