Nov 27 2013

New backside of my oilfield postcard…

Added a new back side to my oilfield postcard I give out at shows etc..

Badlands Pumping - postcard back

Sep 24 2013

South Texas Oilfield Show

Thanks to everyone who came out last week in Corpus Cristi, Texas!

Always fun just to display my oilfield-related canvases :)

South Texas Oilfield Show

Booth Shot


A Little Swag..

Sep 2 2013

El Camino Moon

El Camino Moon

El Camino: near Athens, Texas
Badlands: Northwest New Mexico
Moon: ‘Supermoon’ from my studio parking lot









… 5th new piece printing for Septemberfest. Was hoping to get one more, but if I can get these finished and coasters done, will be doing good :0


Aug 28 2013

Running thru the Badlands

Well Mom told me yesterday ~’to bad I don’t have any new horses ready for Septemberfest’…
Plus I owe a client my next horse picture ;)

Well here ya go mom! ;)

Part of the ‘Badlands’ series which kinda started with the T-bird last Fall – more to come :)







Comments welcome! :D


Jul 1 2013

Open House – June 2013

Thanks to everyone who came out to my first Summer 2013 Open House. Got busy after the first group so didn’t get to take any more photos, but hopefully someone will send some :)

Jun 18 2013

Open House – June 22, 2013 11am-7pm

You are invited to attend my first summer ‘Open House’ this Saturday in North-Central Austin.

In addition to browsing my work you can see demonstrations of how we create the work in the studio while snacking on healthy items.


Mar 14 2013

East Texas Oilfield Expo – March 6-7, 2013

We attended the East Texas Oilfield Show in Longview Texas last week. Little different from my regular fine art shows being more of a trade show atmosphere. Part way setting up my lights in the dark tent, I realized there was no electricity – so was also the darkest show I’ve ever done (yes the pics are a little higher exposure and lightened more). Good conversation and time wit Marcela :)

Dec 9 2012

Thunderbird in the Badlands debutes at Armadillo Christmas Bazaar Wednesday!

What happens when the crew leaves on Friday evening and your brain keeps working til the wee hours of the morning?

Photo Montage

Thunderbird in the Badlands!

T-Bird in Midland, Texas a few days ago after extended Thanksgiving with mom & Dad. November 2012

Ah Shi Sle Pa Badlands in northwest New Mexico between Rio Grande (Balloon Fiesta) show weekends. October 2012

Roadway between Chinandega & Leon which my sweety has been traveling a lot the last few days. January 2012

And a flock of pelicans shot off a pier with Marcela in Galveston after Artoberfest thrown in just for fun :). October 2012

Of course some digital editing including masking blending and painting and yes changed the license plate ;)

The theme has been forming in my head for quite some time especially since I saw the Thunderbird parked in front of a fence at a pipe company. Told my good friend and client I was on the phone with I just gotta stop and snap that one. Chatted with the owner and got shooting.

Rarely do I turn over anything new production-wise in less than 24 hours – especially a montage, but this had started mentally long before.

Love to hear/see you comments :D

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Jan 30 2012

Nicaragua 2012 – Wuilber heads Back to Panama

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Wuilber goes back to Panama tomorrow so planned to spend some time with him, but he was busy getting ready to go back. the odd noise on the old truck was pretty much what I thought it was, but sounds like they are going to have to    Do another take to get it fixed right, hopefully will make it to Managua & back tomarrow. They let me ‘practice driving’ this evening and I told them I was driving before Wuilber was born. But I will have to admit I have never driven a steering wheel that was so loose, I’ve driven boats with tighter steering ;) I told then I was going to drive slow ‘tortuga style’ cause I just don’t like zooming in and out with all the kids and families all over the street.
Watched some booty-shaking music videos and Robert Rodriguez’s Las Mariachi and part of the sequel from a hammock, and had a wonderful dinner. Marcela chatted with the Ladies in the small garden courtyard.

Jan 29 2012

Nicaragua 2012 – Babtism

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Today we baptism for my twin nephews (Sabrina’s) Carlito & Raul with teior parents Jose Abana & Carla. There was a meeting before we had to attend – I shot some of the kids having class’s in the church yard and an ol’e cushman while waiting.
After the service was lunch at the grandmother’s (abuela) house, where the kids did Piniata in the small courtyard. In the late after noon (la tardy), we went to the beach at Corintha less than 30 minutes away. Lots of shots of Marcela, her sister (armarna) Leonila and some of the kids (ninos & ninas) in the surf. Then good fish dinner.