May 12 2014

Two West Texas Jack & Battery Pieces with Landscape

Here are a couple of new images available from my recent trip to Midland for Celebration of the Arts and a client meeting. As with the Badlands Pumping piece, showing a little more of the surrounding landscape…

Jack & Battery in Plowed Dirt FieldIrrigation & Oil

Apr 16 2014

VW Bus Baby Blue – Travel Spirit

VW Bus Baby Blue – Travel Spirit

VW Bus photo montage featuring old waving American flag, Colorado mountain scene with trees and lake reflection, pump-jack license plate, and a pillar from my studio to represent a home base.
Van was shot in March, 2014 in front of my studio at the Violet Crown Center in Austin, Texas. Sky was part of the shot, but heavily modified, faint New Mexico badlands background fades into the parking lot surface.
VW Bus Baby Blue - Travel Spirit
This may be the first in what I’m calling a ‘Travel Spirit’ series…
VW Bus Baby Blue - Travel Spirit on Canvas

.. on Canvas

VW Bus Baby Blue on Aluminum

… on Aluminum

Mar 25 2014

Vanishing Under the Trestle with Arches & Saints in the Middle

When a client wants something extra special –  a combination of two contenders… 63″x93″ image stretched onto 60″x90″ (5’x7.5′) frame.

Vanishing Under the Trestle with Arches & Saints - Ready for Del

Test hanging in studio, ready for delivery

Vanishing Under the Trestle with Arches & Saints - Hung at Clien

Hung over clients fireplace

Close-Up showing the distant part of Arches & Saints embedded in vanishing area…


.. and Window in Window in a little niche:

Window in Window at Client

Mar 19 2014

New Presence in Fredericksburg Texas

You can now find some of my work in Carlos Moseley’s new, larger River Rustic Gallery at 222 West Main in Fredericksburg, Texas. Right now he has a few on display with more in the back. You’ll also find other artist friends work there. Next time you are out there shopping drop in and tell Carlos and his wife Carol ‘hi’.

RiverRustic20140319-0 RiverRustic20140319-1 RiverRustic20140319-2

Nov 27 2013

New backside of my oilfield postcard…

Added a new back side to my oilfield postcard I give out at shows etc..

Badlands Pumping - postcard back

Sep 24 2013

South Texas Oilfield Show

Thanks to everyone who came out last week in Corpus Cristi, Texas!

Always fun just to display my oilfield-related canvases :)

South Texas Oilfield Show

Booth Shot


A Little Swag..

Sep 2 2013

El Camino Moon

El Camino Moon

El Camino: near Athens, Texas
Badlands: Northwest New Mexico
Moon: ‘Supermoon’ from my studio parking lot









… 5th new piece printing for Septemberfest. Was hoping to get one more, but if I can get these finished and coasters done, will be doing good :0


Aug 28 2013

Running thru the Badlands

Well Mom told me yesterday ~’to bad I don’t have any new horses ready for Septemberfest’…
Plus I owe a client my next horse picture ;)

Well here ya go mom! ;)

Part of the ‘Badlands’ series which kinda started with the T-bird last Fall – more to come :)







Comments welcome! :D


Jul 1 2013

Open House – June 2013

Thanks to everyone who came out to my first Summer 2013 Open House. Got busy after the first group so didn’t get to take any more photos, but hopefully someone will send some :)

Jun 18 2013

Open House – June 22, 2013 11am-7pm

You are invited to attend my first summer ‘Open House’ this Saturday in North-Central Austin.

In addition to browsing my work you can see demonstrations of how we create the work in the studio while snacking on healthy items.