Aug 27 2011

Evergreen, Colorado – Lodge and Award

Part I: Brook Forrest Lodge

Sitting here in the parlor chatting with one of the hostess, while live music is playing and a brook bubbles outside. Great meal and ready for the festival.

Part II: Great Show!

Plus got second place in 2D media and fantastic meal & weather.

Aug 25 2011

Wild Horses Near Green River….

Update from Wyoming…

Sitting here on the side of a small canyon following a small family of horses. The sage brush  is thick in the air and I’m munching on some bruschetta bread and fresh nectarines from the farmers market in Green River after shooting in a train yard.

Aug 24 2011

Jackson Hole, Wyoming & Yellowstone

Jackson Hole was nice & visited Yellowstone for the first time with artists friends Justin from Montana & Yoshi from Oregon. Planned to hike the Tetons are, but smoke filled the basin.

Aug 11 2011

Oilfield Monthly – August 2011 Cover Featuring My Artwork

Casing Sway by Jamie Rood - Copyright 2010

My ‘Casing Sway’ image was used on the cover of Oilfield Monthly for the August 2011 issue.

Credit was placed on the inside of the cover with somewhat of a write-up* on page 10m, and full-page ad from Frame-It! gallery in Midland that represents me.

* Correction: The quote

Thanks for finding beauty in the hard working men of West Texas!

was from the blog here, by ‘Mandy’ – see full quotation


Aug 2 2011


Impala! – New ‘old vehicle’ ;)

Cheverolet Impala - black

Cheverolet Impala - Black

Comments Welcome! :)