Jun 30 2010

Lady of the Lake Kelsy – Test Shoot

Wanting to include more ‘people’ in some of my work. This weekend stepped outside the show for a few minutes to do some ‘test shots’ of Kelsy. Bad, bad mid-day sun, but overcome with some digital work. Often see awful skin-tones on multiple-exposure work, but so far not too bad. Some basic touch-up but being test shots, not too worried about it…

Kelsy in Trailer Kelsy in old trailer by show barn in RoundTop, Texas

That worked out OK, so lets try putting one of the trailer shots in an ‘environment’. I shot a stone bridge earlier that morning over at the Festival Institute and thought that might make an interesting backdrop. Lighting matched ok, and liked the sun tunnel effect. Masking ect, really over-sharpened this puppy, and toned down the vibrancy quite a bit.

Lady of the Lake Kelsy by Jamie Rood ‘Lady of the Lake Kelsy’! ;)

Not too bad for something unplanned. Kelsy is quite expressive and hope to get to do some real shots soon :)

Jun 30 2010

On to Richmond Pics…

Pics coming soon – here is a girl I met on the street in the neighborhood by Hollywood Cemetery. She’s telling me where things are…

Richmond Girl Where by Jamie Rood

Jun 30 2010

Rockport Art Festival – Rockport, Texas July 3-4, 2010

Come see me in Rockport, Texas for the Rockport Art Festival this weekend! :)

Jun 30 2010

Backstreet Pipe – Louisville, KY

Pulled into Louisville, found a spot for my rig, walked a little over half a block and found this. – more shots from this locale later :)

Backstreet Pipe - Horizontal by Jamie Rood Backstreet Pipe - Horizontal by Jamie Rood

Jun 30 2010

Draining Blues – St. Louis: June 7, 2010

 The blue wall with the drainage pipes against the Red Brick and Yellow muck gives me a real aquatic feeling ;)

Draining Blues by Jamie Rood

Jun 30 2010

Bug-Eyed Pipe – St. Louis, Mo: June 7, 2010

Originally named Hydrofallic: Thanks Lee Ann for helping me come up with a ‘better’ name ;)

Bug-Eyed Pipe by Jamie Rood

Jun 30 2010

Dos Hydrant – St. Louis, Mo: June 7, 2010

In a back ally shooting with Todd Shaak…

Dos Hydrant by Jamie Rood

Jun 29 2010

Rails to the Arch

Ok, finally posting some St. Louis shots. Worked on some Water pipes a few days ago but let’s start with a ‘twist’ on the familiar…

Rails to the Arch by Jamie Rood ‘Rails to the Arch’

Jun 29 2010

Jamie’s Rig in Round Top with Moon Rising…

Jamie’s Rig in Round Top Texas Yeh, I like light posts ;)

Jun 8 2010

Shooting Louisville, KY – Downtown

Easy travel Day today – just across Illinois & Indiana into Louisville, KY. Shot a lot around downtown and along the waterway. Will post some later… sleepy :)