Feb 27 2010

Hillbilly Chevy

Reminded me a bit of the Beverly Hillbilly’s truck with Granny’s rocking chair in the back :)
Digitally piainted out the ‘modern’ cars along the street and changed the lighting.

Hillbilly Chevy by Jamie Rood

Feb 26 2010

Regular Postings? ….or just the highlights?

Ok, sitting here in the blogger’s cabal and was asked if I post ‘regularly’ to my blog?

Normally I post when I create a new piece, report on a show or shoot, whats going on with my work and so on. So although I do try to report in regularly, it’s not ‘scheduled’.

Now there are topics I’d really like to voice my ‘Jamie the Artist’ opinion on, but thought that would be better saved for another blog or the video blog I’ve been talking about doing with another artist friend of mine.

I’d really like to get your opinion on this?
Would you like to get the ‘whats Jamie thinking?’ regularly or ‘just the highlights’ of whats going on with me?
And yeh – I know you probably want to just comment on the face book link, but your post would hang around a bit longer & help with the conversation if you post here in my ‘actual blog’.

Feb 23 2010

360 Bridge 2010

With the snow today, I set out to re-shoot the 360 Bridge in Austin, Texas. I had shot it in 2007, but since my shooting style has changed and the snow provided a different ambiance…

I did 3 different variations and processed them all a bit differently so let me know what you like about each one and tell me your favorite! :D I did shoot a little extra left & right I can include as well.

360 Bridge 2010 - v1 360 Bridge 2010 - v2 360 Bridge 2010 - v3

Feb 18 2010

Participating in Art & Air June 4-6, 2010

I just accepted an invitation to participate in Art & Air June 4-6 in historic Webster Groves, Missouri*.
This will be my first show in the state of Missouri. My next show will be the following weekend in Chicago, just about 5 hours up the road so should be able to stay around the area a could days after the show :)

* Webster Groves is 19 miles from the heart of St. Louis, Missouri

Feb 3 2010

Deep Ellum Arts Festival – April 2-4

I will be participating in the Deep Ellum Arts Festival – April 2-4. (Downtown Dallas)

this looks a great time and will be there with artists friends Heather Harris & Collin Welsch! :)

Feb 1 2010

Lubbock Arts Festival in Lubbock, Texas April 15-18, 2010

I have accepted an invitation to participate in the Lubbock Arts Festival in Lubbock, Texas April 15-18, 2010 at the Lubbock Memorial Civic Center. This will be my first show in the Lubbock area and it’s indoors :)