Jan 22 2010

Arts in the Square festival in Frisco, Texas, March 6-7, 2010

Been accepted to participate in the Arts in the Square festival in Frisco, Texas, March 6-7, 2010. Everyone in the Dallas Fort Worth area come out and see me! :D

Jan 15 2010

Wine Charms – First Run!

I created 5 pendants as a test run and finished 3 out as ‘wine charms’!

Now you can collect more of my art and
be sure you are drinking from your own glass! ;)

See my ‘Wine Charms’ gallery for some initial promo shots…

Wine glass with charms by Jamie Rood  Pendants by Jamie Rood

Note they can also go on beer mugs as well ;)

They rurned out really well and look forward to refining the process. Only got one bubble on this first run and may need to pull back on the amount of resin, but really pleased overall.

They will be available individually, but Collin Welch made an excellent suggestion to sell them in sets of (4). So I May do the following sets:

* old trucks
* trees
* architecture
* flowers
* etc.

These can also be incorporated into necklaces etc. or just strung together.

Jan 12 2010

Old 50s? Chevy in the Texas Panhandle

Shot this old 50s? Chevy up in the Texas Panhandle coming back from shows in Colorado, August 2009. The car was shot early morning (think in Dalhart, Texas) and the sky was at sun rise earlier that morning a few minutes down the road from the rest stop I slept at (in New Mexico) ;)

Old 50s Chevy - Texas Panhandle

Jan 11 2010

Palace Theatre – Georgetown Texas

¬†Here a theater I shot in November and finished put but never posted…

Palace Theatre - Georgetown Texas

Jan 7 2010

Artist or Wall Decorator?

One question I pondered for the new year is:

“How can I share my work with & allow people without large amounts of wall space to collect my art work?”

As an artists am I not expected to think outside the box – or frame? Of course one needs to be careful not to ‘cheapen’ their work especially when doing limited editions. Often I receive ‘Wow!s’ & ‘I love your work’ only to followed by – ‘if I only had wall space’. Occasionally I’m honored when someone tells me they use one of my images as wallpaper/background on their computer screen :)

So, really, ‘is my artwork only to be displayed on walls?’
– am I an ‘Artist or Wall Decorator?’

For 2010, I look forward to not only bringing you intriguing images, but interesting & accessible ways to enjoy and collect my artwork. Although not groundbreaking by any means, here are a some ‘products’ I am looking into:

* Pendants – small versions of selected works embedded into metal pendant frames for wine glass charms, hung together on leather string, even wearable, etc.

* Themed Coffee Table Books & screen-savers – (like old trucks), series

* Licensing – have had authors & such inquire about using some of my images.
If you are an enterprising fan of my work, let me know. I will address these request a little better this year.

* Puzzles? several request for these as well.

Please remember my fine art prints, especially larger limited edition canvases, are my primary product focus.

Networking with fans & collectors is also priority – so, as always, if you have thoughts or requests please comment. One note though, please limit ‘suggestions’ to things you would seriously be interested in ;)

Thanks! :)

Jan 7 2010


Stem of grass takes refuge in this shell of an old hatchery panel truck (see previous post for frontal view). Started to name this ‘Aeons & Asylum’, but thought that might be a little too deep. However if you see a little age, renewal, apocalyptic, epoch etc., that’s quite alright ;)


What does this mean to you?

Jan 6 2010

Hatchery Panel Truck

Old hatchery panel truck (notice the chic on the side) taken in Bangs, Texas on November 11, 2009. The weeds are about all that is hatching out of it now ;)

Hatchery Panel Truck Hatchery Truck Pendant - Mockup

The smaller image is a ‘pendant’ version I’m considering doing of select images.