Oct 31 2009

Happy Halloween! :)

Have fun  stay safe! :D

And if you are really bored – help me celebrate the 13th anniversary of a Halloween party…
This is an invitation to my Halloween 1997 party using photos from the 1996 party and video created in 1997 using blue screen, and 3D images I created. Yeh, a bit cheesy, but sometimes like to watch on Halloween ;)

Halloween ’96

Oct 30 2009

Golden Grove

 by Jamie Rood

Golden Aspen either in a normal 3:4 aspect or Tall version with different efx.

Golden Grove by Jamie Rood Golden Grove - Tall by Jamie Rood

Oct 30 2009

Misty Stream

 by Jamie Rood

Misty Stream by Jamie Rood

Oct 30 2009

Aspen to Sky

Aspen to Sky by Jamie Rood

Oct 30 2009

Leaves on the Ground

Santa Fe, New Mexico, October 7, 2009 by Jamie Rood

These leaves just looked so neat withthe multicolors all laying on the ground.

Leaves on the Ground by Jamie Rood

Oct 30 2009

Leaning Grove

Leaning Aspen in SanteFe New Mexico on October 7, 2009 by Jamie Rood

This is the shot I was after that day. Great fog allowed me to do a lot with the color & depth :)

Leaning Aspen Grove by Jamie Rood

Oct 30 2009

Road into the Mist

Santa Fe New Mexico, October 7, 2009 by Jamie Rood

IN the Mountains North East Santa Fe between Rio Grande Art festival (Balloon Fiesta) weekends.

Road into the Mist - Less Fog by Jamie Rood Road into the Mist - More Fog by Jamie Rood

Less Mist (left) or More Mist (right)?

Oct 27 2009

Dallas Mist…

Ok, after several requests and finally showing in the area I now have the ‘Dallas’ piece :O

The initial name is ‘Dallas Mist’ cause of course it was raining ;) And, like to go with the flow usually to bring out what the area was ‘telling me’.

Dallas Mist by Jamie Rood

Shot Monday, October 26, 2009 after attending the Huffhines Art Festival in Richardson, Texas (see event post) in the misty rain.

Latest edition to my ‘Cityscapes’ line which now includes Austin, Houston, Chicago, Denver & Dallas. :)

Oct 22 2009

Balloon Pics…

Yes have balloon pics on the way, just was focused on trying to get orders out this week ;)

Stay tuned…

Oct 22 2009

October Orders Delayed…

New orders for October* will be delayed a few days while Epson investigates an anomaly I’m seeing in dark black areas on some prints. Originally looked like canvas settings only but using a workaround with a different profile is giving similar problems intermittently. While not apparent on most images, I’ve decided to hold off printing on the 9900 while Epson looks at the test prints I sent in earlier this week**.

Just stocked up on 9900 ink etc. but my backup printer (4800) is out of some inks. Next week I’ll evaluate whether I need to bring the backup printer back into production – just so much easier on the new printer ;)

I’m notifying clients right now, just wanted to post the details here on my blog. Will provide updates here as well, but as always please feel free to contact me with any questions :)

* Orders affected include the Rio Grande Art Festival in Albuquerque, Georgetown, online store orders placed in October,  and a couple special orders prior.

** For quality assurance and the fact it’s getting very expensive… :o
Even I cannot see the anomaly on most images printed in the last few days, but just the potential is enough for me to pause. I’ve spent most of the week trying to use a workaround, but just not 100% comfortable with the results. I’m sure everyone will appreciate the diligence and my desire to provide you with the absolute best quality print of my images :D

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