Feb 10 2011

Accepted to Lubbock Arts Festival – April 7-10

Second year show for me – really love indoor shows… especially in West Texas ;)

Feb 2 2011

Accepted to the Cottonwood Art Festival on May 7-8, 2011

This is a new show for me and I am really happy to be attending!
See the Cottonwood Art Festival website.

Jan 10 2011

Armadillo Christmas Bazaar 2010 – Recap

Well, today is the first time I’ve had the truck out since returning home in the wee hours of the morning from the Armadillo Christmas Bazaar. Had a whole crew (mom, dad, sister Lee Ann and her partner Beth, my lady Marcela and Jen) for the 11pm breakdown on x-mas eve – finishing load-out at 1:38am Christmas day! A special thanks to Julia, Jen & Ashley who also assisted me on shifts during the 10 day show.

This was my first year and was absolutely fantastic! Not only were the staff awesome, but also great people coming through to share my work with. Customers went home with matted prints, tile coasters & cutting boards, some pendants, new ‘old truck’ tee shirts (debuting at the show) and a few large canvases! :D

If you noticed the stage, I printed the graphics, built frames and stretched the new panels which were arranged wonderfully by the staff. The music was good and not overpowering most of the time where I was. Just a great atmosphere there in our new home at the Palmer Events Center.

Being there with good friends, especially Collin Welsch (also freshman year) and sophomore Heather Harris made it even more special. We have grown together as artists in some ways over the last few years and being part of the Armadillo is an important milestone for all of us. Also enjoyed hanging out with Christopher, David & Ray, Greg and Darrell and more…

Thanks Bruce, Annie, Anne, Elia, Mellisa and everyone for this experience – look forward to next year! :D

Dec 15 2010

Armadillo Cristmas Bazaar begins!

See an interview featuring me and two of my artist friends Collin & Christopher on KVUE..


Oct 12 2010

Bayou City Art Festival Downton Houston – October 9 & 10, 2010

Thanks to everyone who came out to this fantastic show! :D

Started off with late night setup then 3 hours sleep for Saturday – great crowds all weekend, trip to Texas Art supply to stock up on stretcher bars Monday, little shooting and tour of Blue Bell Ice Cream plant on the way home!

Jamie Rood’s booth - front Jamie Rood’s booth - left Jamie Rood’s booth - right

Houston Spline by Jamie Rood Reflect by Jamie Rood YMCA Against New by Jamie Rood Out the Hotel Window by Jamie Rood

Sep 14 2010

Septemberfest 2010

Thanks to everyone who came out for a fantastic show this weekend. Really love returning home and the support from art buyers encourages me :) Good hanging out with my friends from Austin – Micheal & Kerry and setup again by Dana & Karen. Old autos & oil were popular and you will see more…

Septemberfest2010 by Jamie Rood

Aug 27 2010

Artists Lot @ Evergreen Arts Festival!

All setup and ready for the Evergreen Arts Festival tomorrow & Sunday. Camping out in the lot at old Albertsons with several other artists. Went to dinner with Jerome & his wife Kat & Dave at Taco Bell across the lot. Instead if hanging my shower bottle from the back trailer door, helped Dave (who I met at keystone last weekend) put up his new outdoor shower enclosure. It was great fun – you should have heard/seen us. Included a couple of pics…

Evergreen Shower - Dave Evergreen Shower - Jamie Evergreen - Artist’s Lot Evergreen - Artist’s Lot Jamie’s Rig SideEvergreen - Artist’s Lot Jamie’s Rig

Aug 23 2010

On to Evergreen…

Thank you to everyone in Keystone for making a successful show! Hope to do some biking, hiking, take a few shots this week then head over to Keystone to wrap up my Colorado tour.

Aug 21 2010

‘People’s Choice’ Award @ Keystone Blues Festival & Art Show!

Today I was awarded ‘People’s Choice’ at the Keystone Blues Festival & Art Show! I am very happy to receive this recognition so thanks to everyone who voted for me :)
Often have people tell me I am their favorite artists, but I think this is the first show I remember having an ‘official’ peoples choice award. Got a framed certificate and announced on the main stage. Truly honored as this is the second award this year (1st place photography in Frisco, Texas this Spring). Also congratulations to the runner up, I’ll stop in and see your drawings in the morning. Pretty cool – no judges, just the voice of the people ;)

Jul 9 2010

Getting ready for Boulder….

Studio Mac still in repair, but was able to get most of my printing done thanks to recent back-up of all my print files from the external drive to DVR (Digital Video Recorder) computer. Now I have Photoshop and all that Jazz on this computer, may come in handy. Few more new and Colorado works to work on beginning of next week, but at least restocked.

Look forward to the trip and seeing some of my CO friends! :D