Jul 16 2014

Summer Shows – First Half

Here are some pics from our Chicago, Il, New Buffalo, MI, & Rockport, Texas shows…


Sep 24 2013

South Texas Oilfield Show

Thanks to everyone who came out last week in Corpus Cristi, Texas!

Always fun just to display my oilfield-related canvases :)

South Texas Oilfield Show

Booth Shot


A Little Swag..

Jul 1 2013

Open House – June 2013

Thanks to everyone who came out to my first Summer 2013 Open House. Got busy after the first group so didn’t get to take any more photos, but hopefully someone will send some :)

Jun 18 2013

Open House – June 22, 2013 11am-7pm

You are invited to attend my first summer ‘Open House’ this Saturday in North-Central Austin.

In addition to browsing my work you can see demonstrations of how we create the work in the studio while snacking on healthy items.


Mar 14 2013

East Texas Oilfield Expo – March 6-7, 2013

We attended the East Texas Oilfield Show in Longview Texas last week. Little different from my regular fine art shows being more of a trade show atmosphere. Part way setting up my lights in the dark tent, I realized there was no electricity – so was also the darkest show I’ve ever done (yes the pics are a little higher exposure and lightened more). Good conversation and time wit Marcela :)

Dec 5 2011

Accepted to Southlake’s Art in the Square 2012!

I’ll be back at this fantastic show this Spring. The promoters patrons and surrounding businesses were so great to me last year, I am really excited! :D

Pics from 2011…

Nov 28 2011

Accepted to Art City Austin – April 14 & 15, 2012

Be nice to do a show here at home this Spring – usually only show in Austin November & December. :)

Art City Austin Website

Nov 22 2011

EAST 2011 – another successful tour! :D

The huge tour that is EAST (East Austin Studio Tour) took place the last couple weekends and for the 5th year I was- a guest at the stupendous supporter of local artists, Reji Thomas at her Pine Street Station studio and event complex. Also got to hang out with the scrumptious Marcie, and all the rest ;) My production assistant Dan Reid also brought out some of his work and made some sales – way to go Dan! :D

As always – thank you to the patrons who made their way to our little spot with all there was to choose from. One day I’d like to make it around again, but I still still enjoy the event chained to my booth ;) A special thanks to Elaine who just took delivery of a really cool old truck & bus collection! ..and a couple I cannot mention cause of Xmas confidentiality ;)

For those who do not subscribe to the old saying ‘early bird catches the worm’ (my artists friends especially), let me tell you that my largest sales were made outside the published EAST hours – and that was substantial. So next time you’re out the night before or having your morning coffee, remember me with my huge, metal, construction-worker approved IKEA coffee mug I’m sipping from while making my first sales of the day ;)


Mar 6 2011

Best in Show! Arts in the Square – Frisco Texas

Today I was awarded ‘Best in Show’ for the Arts in the Square in Frisco Texas. There are many fantastic artists here and I am really honored. Thank you to the organizers and volunteers, the show is looking great! Although I’ve received awards in the past, this is the first with a substantial cash award as well.

Sitting in my Holiday Inn room drinking a glass of Barefoot wine to celebrate ;)

Feb 15 2011

Accepted to Corpus Christy Festival of the Arts & Omaha Summer Arts

Corpus –  March 25-27
2nd year

Omaha – June 10-12
1st year!