Nov 20 2016

Temple Steam Train

Temple Steam Train

AT&SF Temple Steam Train – a glowing, ghostly version of the train in back of the Railroad museum in Temple Texas.
We were setup for  a show there in August and Have some more interesting images to come…

Photographed: August, 2016
Location Railroad Museum in Temple Texas
Last Edit: September, 2016

Nov 20 2016

Tattered American Flag

Tattered American Flag Unity in all we've been through...

Tattered American Flag – Unity in all we’ve been through…

Tattered American Flag –
Unity in all we’ve been through..

Shot a while back but thought it might be appropriate time to release beyond the original coaster version.

Photographed: July 29, 2013
Location: Gardendale, Texas at my parents’ place
Last Edit: November, 2016

May 28 2015

Flying Off Towards the Sun…

Here is the second aeronautical piece to add to my transportation collection. Shot at Barksdale Air Force Base in September 2014 (partial lower sky shot between Atlanta & Richmond Virginia – June 2009).

Flying Off Towards the Sun

Apr 8 2015

Photo Restoration, Colorization & Enhancement – The Normal

Here is a Photo Restoration, Colorization & Enhancement  project just finished for client, now creating the canvas to be donated by client.

See below the original Halftone image from a yearbook followed by the artistic rendering I did…

The Normal-OriginalFromYearbook TheNormal-960px

Mar 4 2015

’67 Camaro – Reflections of Colorado

Created for client – husbands birthday.

I wanted to capture the car, and stir up memories of driving when he first got the car in Colorado.


To Order – See my online Shop!

Original delivered to client…


Jul 20 2014

State Patrol

State Patrol

A new ‘law enforcement’ piece – shot in Pittsburg, Texas a few days ago on the way home from our Chicago, IL/New Buffalo, MI trip.

Jun 16 2014

51 Military Jeep with Star

51 Military Jeep with Star

My first military vehicle is a 51 Jeep owned by my cousin Jason in Kansas. Shot it on cold January day with snow on the ground –  my parents & I were attending a memorial service for my uncle Jean. Prominent on the table at the service were clippings and objects commemorating his service.

The star and patterned background is the Jeep’s passenger side door from a perspective side shot towards the front. I choose this to somewhat abstractly pay tribute to the armed forces & these tough vehicles in light of movies and stories I’ve heard. I would love to have you post what you see in this piece… :)


Jun 13 2014

Electra Glide – Ghost Ride…



Finally in town during the Republic of Texas (ROT) Rally. Since I was not on the official list*, was not allowed to take photos in the official event space, but met these guys out in the parking lot. Instead of searching out more bikes around town, decided to let let Serendipity play out and followed my muse on the first shot. Inspired by the ‘Ghost Rider’ film we we watched recently (Nicolas Cage), I added flames coming from the skull, but on the ground seemed too much – a little dust will suffice ;) Yes there is something ‘fairly ‘hidden’ – see the pic below for a ‘big’ hint. Needs a little more work, but finally have an image with a ‘Harley-Davidson’ in print.


Ready to ROT Guys

Hey guys – can’t wait to hear from you to see what you think?

* Had tried online email form and phone calls – nice girl at sign-up said you have to sign-up in January.

May 12 2014

Two West Texas Jack & Battery Pieces with Landscape

Here are a couple of new images available from my recent trip to Midland for Celebration of the Arts and a client meeting. As with the Badlands Pumping piece, showing a little more of the surrounding landscape…

Jack & Battery in Plowed Dirt FieldIrrigation & Oil

Apr 16 2014

VW Bus Baby Blue – Travel Spirit

VW Bus Baby Blue – Travel Spirit

VW Bus photo montage featuring old waving American flag, Colorado mountain scene with trees and lake reflection, pump-jack license plate, and a pillar from my studio to represent a home base.
Van was shot in March, 2014 in front of my studio at the Violet Crown Center in Austin, Texas. Sky was part of the shot, but heavily modified, faint New Mexico badlands background fades into the parking lot surface.
VW Bus Baby Blue - Travel Spirit
This may be the first in what I’m calling a ‘Travel Spirit’ series…
VW Bus Baby Blue - Travel Spirit on Canvas

.. on Canvas

VW Bus Baby Blue on Aluminum

… on Aluminum