Nov 18 2011

Little more Action here at the Violet Crown…

Firetrucks, police, a chopper, and everybody congregating outside..

Between another broken gas pipe just outside by back door and major wreck few hundred feet down Lamar their was a little excitement to break up the morning. Not this much distractions when working at home ;) Couple quick snapshots, but got a lot of work to do (stretch canvases) – lets fire up the compressor and see what happens :D

Firetrucks @ Violet Crown


– that’s my studio from the far left past the second metal duct…




Oct 9 2011

Flooded Studio…

Studio flooded and maintenance guys wet vacuuming when I came in around 9:45am. Landlord stopped by to check in – :)
Just some uncut mat boards and other supplies damaged, Artwork all fine.
Racks on wheels – way to go! ;)
We needed the rain and guess it poured last night..

Feb 9 2011

Thumping down the steps… :0

Got up about 6 am this morning and was hustling down the outside steps to help Marcella. Guess I got about halfway down then THUD – slide – bump – slide – bump – slide – bump – slide – bump – slide to rest at the bottom. Sorry about all the noise Crestview neighborhood, but it hurt! After a bit of yelling and Marcella asking if I was OK, managed to get up and hobble over. Was swollen all across my lower back and iced it down to a small grapefruit. Went back to bed for a while.

Still feels like a log strapped across my back & painful numb, but I can walk and touch my toes so guess I’ll be alright ;)

…Looks like the first step I hit was one I repaired this last weekend and it held – so good job me ;)