Dec 30 2009

Balloon Fiesta 2009 – Preview…

Some are gonna take a while to process – like the mass aerial migration over the Rio Grande tent, but here a some I’ve started working on…

Balloon Fiest 2009 - Dawn Patrol Balloon Fiesta 2009 - Land of Enchantment Ballons along the Ridge Balloon Fiesta 2009 - Sizzler Over Wood Burner

Dec 30 2009

Spraying Cotton

This is one I took on the way back from New Mexico in October in West Texas. Lots of cotton fields along the way. This tractor is spraying the field.

Spraying Cotton Cotton Stem

Dec 22 2009

‘41 Ford – Clouds

Different view with clouds in the background & fading of the leaves…

‘41 Ford - Clouds

Oct 22 2009

Balloon Pics…

Yes have balloon pics on the way, just was focused on trying to get orders out this week ;)

Stay tuned…

Oct 5 2009

Pilot Bill Lynch in Sizzler

Flying by water tower & old wood burner in Bernillilo, New Mexico just north of Albuquerque, New Mexico during Balloon Fiesta 2009.

Bill landed in the school yard to my right and excited elementary school kids came out to greet him. I took this from the top of a play-scape in the adjoining park.

More pics later (heck of a time trying to save a jpeg on this new laptop – save button is off the bottom and had to preview & save from browser – arrrggghh…)

Balloon Pilot Bill Lynch in ‘Sizzler’

Aug 26 2009

Back in Texas! :)

Well. Rolled back into Texas Monday, stayed with mom & dad in Gardendale, then got back to Austin yesterday afternoon. took the ‘scenic route’ in the beginning of the trip and after about 7 hrs in the road, found I had only made a couple hrs progress compared to the ‘quick route’ stopping, shooting & talking ate most of that time ;)

Now working on orders from the August Colorado shows and prepping for September Fest in Midland!

Jul 31 2009

White Lillys

These are Marcella’s White Lillys in April. Wanted to portray a ‘couple’ in this shot :)

White Lillys

Jul 16 2009

Couple Old Trucks & a Tractor

GMC truck & tractor are from Leadville Colorado, and the the other truck is somewhere in central New Mexico…

GMC Truck New Mexico Truck Tractor on a Ridge

Jul 16 2009

Grizzly Creek Waterfalls

Just starting to look at the waterfalls I took…

Grizzly Creek Waterfall - 1 Grizzly Creek Waterfall - 2

Some of these just don’t look right in small jpegs – keep in mind I’m targeting these for large canvases (not the screen) and the color & texture doesn’t translate well sometimes :)

Jul 16 2009

Mine Shack w/ Rails

Mine Shack with rails coming into the top from the mine.

Mine Shack with Rails