Aug 27 2011

Evergreen, Colorado – Lodge and Award

Part I: Brook Forrest Lodge

Sitting here in the parlor chatting with one of the hostess, while live music is playing and a brook bubbles outside. Great meal and ready for the festival.

Part II: Great Show!

Plus got second place in 2D media and fantastic meal & weather.

Aug 24 2011

Jackson Hole, Wyoming & Yellowstone

Jackson Hole was nice & visited Yellowstone for the first time with artists friends Justin from Montana & Yoshi from Oregon. Planned to hike the Tetons are, but smoke filled the basin.

Aug 17 2010

Ahhh – Hot Springs along the River….

Slept in a bit, then finished up the vehicles in the stream. Tried to go shoot an in an old mining area today but the last leg of road was washed out, so settled for the touristy St. Elmos, then took a short hike up to some falls.

On the way back, stopped in at Princeton Springs (apparently one I missed when doing a doing a different hot springs every weekend with my friend Anuja when I was out here in 2001). Took a short swim, and I think I spent over 3 hours just lounging (about to fall asleep) in one of the rock lined pools by the river. I watched a great sunset as the sun went behind a a bluff spewing rays of mist out to the side. Yeh, I thought to grab my camera, but told myself I wouldn’t make it and might lose my pool! ;)

On the way back to the campsite had some great Mexican food and winding down here.
Wondering why haven’t found local trout anywhere yet.

Jun 4 2010

Jamie’s Booth & Lodging @ Art & Air in St. Louis

Art & Air 2010 booth shot Here is my canopy setup for Art & Air

…and the dorms @ Eden Seminary where we stayed, right by the festival grounds  Eden Seminary Dorm

May 24 2010


Delayed Post

Was tired of stuffing the old (2 yrs) 8 foot trailer and digging everything out to get to a piece of art I need. So this day I traded in for a dual-axle 14 foot with a V-front extension. A lot more room (& gas). I can stand upright inside.

14 Footer - Front 14 Footer - Back

Feb 3 2010

Deep Ellum Arts Festival – April 2-4

I will be participating in the Deep Ellum Arts Festival – April 2-4. (Downtown Dallas)

this looks a great time and will be there with artists friends Heather Harris & Collin Welsch! :)

Jan 15 2010

Wine Charms – First Run!

I created 5 pendants as a test run and finished 3 out as ‘wine charms’!

Now you can collect more of my art and
be sure you are drinking from your own glass! ;)

See my ‘Wine Charms’ gallery for some initial promo shots…

Wine glass with charms by Jamie Rood  Pendants by Jamie Rood

Note they can also go on beer mugs as well ;)

They rurned out really well and look forward to refining the process. Only got one bubble on this first run and may need to pull back on the amount of resin, but really pleased overall.

They will be available individually, but Collin Welch made an excellent suggestion to sell them in sets of (4). So I May do the following sets:

* old trucks
* trees
* architecture
* flowers
* etc.

These can also be incorporated into necklaces etc. or just strung together.

Jan 12 2010

Old 50s? Chevy in the Texas Panhandle

Shot this old 50s? Chevy up in the Texas Panhandle coming back from shows in Colorado, August 2009. The car was shot early morning (think in Dalhart, Texas) and the sky was at sun rise earlier that morning a few minutes down the road from the rest stop I slept at (in New Mexico) ;)

Old 50s Chevy - Texas Panhandle

Jan 11 2010

Palace Theatre – Georgetown Texas

 Here a theater I shot in November and finished put but never posted…

Palace Theatre - Georgetown Texas

Dec 30 2009

Balloon Fiesta 2009 – Preview…

Some are gonna take a while to process – like the mass aerial migration over the Rio Grande tent, but here a some I’ve started working on…

Balloon Fiest 2009 - Dawn Patrol Balloon Fiesta 2009 - Land of Enchantment Ballons along the Ridge Balloon Fiesta 2009 - Sizzler Over Wood Burner