Sep 16 2018

Galaxie Sunliner

Galaxie Sunliner


Galaxy Sunliner

Ford Galaxy Sunliner – Convertible version of the 1960s car named in response to the Space Race.
Depicted ‘cruising by a sun through outer space’.
Photographed in Odessa, Texas in Fall of 2014 – across the street from Ector Colosseum.
Have had this in my head for quite a while and finally fished it! :)
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Galaxie Sunliner – Original Image

Sunliner Emblem – Original Image


The Sunliner emblem was on the side – I moved it to the rear license plate.


Aug 9 2018

B-29 – ‘Little Boy’

Where does the B-29 fit in History?…


If you haven’t fully appreciated my new work (by clicking above and following the links to a higher resolution image), you might want to do that now before reading on – cause I’m about to clue you in on some things going on here like I rarely do. ;)


View the image – What do you see? Keep looking and ponder where it’s taking you. Although the plane was initially photographed on the ground at Barksdale Air Force Base in Louisiana, I have placed it flying above the white sands near the missile range in New Mexico. The reason is beyond aesthetics.Note the custom nose art featuring my grandson JC as the ‘Little Boy’. His more ornery than angry look down as he shakes a stick below – ‘take that!’, fits the narrative well and is also a commentary on the sad removal of the nose art on many of our historic aircraft.


If you follow, ‘Fat Man’ is also there although more subtle. WW2 buffs – See where we are going? By now you’ve noticed ‘The Gadget’ in the ‘Trinity’ area of the piece. This tower and the shock-wave were initially intended to be much more subtle, but had their way when I officially released the piece on July 16 of this year ;)


There are lighting and textural effects I’ve created here to help set the mood, and of course I’ve painted in the propeller blur, changed some things, and a lot more touch-up to finish out the piece.


I’d really love to hear your overall impression of this newest aeronautical work, your thoughts on  execution of the details, and especially ‘what it means to you’?

You can purchase this Artwork along with other vintage aircraft & more in my Online Shop.

Jamie Rood, Photographic Artist

Nov 20 2016

Temple Steam Train

Temple Steam Train

AT&SF Temple Steam Train – a glowing, ghostly version of the train in back of the Railroad museum in Temple Texas.
We were setup for  a show there in August and Have some more interesting images to come…

Photographed: August, 2016
Location Railroad Museum in Temple Texas
Last Edit: September, 2016

Nov 20 2016

Tattered American Flag

Tattered American Flag Unity in all we've been through...

Tattered American Flag – Unity in all we’ve been through…

Tattered American Flag –
Unity in all we’ve been through..

Shot a while back but thought it might be appropriate time to release beyond the original coaster version.

Photographed: July 29, 2013
Location: Gardendale, Texas at my parents’ place
Last Edit: November, 2016

May 28 2015

Flying Off Towards the Sun…

Here is the second aeronautical piece to add to my transportation collection. Shot at Barksdale Air Force Base in September 2014 (partial lower sky shot between Atlanta & Richmond Virginia – June 2009).

Flying Off Towards the Sun

May 10 2015

Award of Excellence at Fayetteville Art Walk

We had a great time in thew little town of Fayetteville…


Apr 8 2015

Photo Restoration, Colorization & Enhancement – The Normal

Here is a Photo Restoration, Colorization & Enhancement  project just finished for client, now creating the canvas to be donated by client.

See below the original Halftone image from a yearbook followed by the artistic rendering I did…

The Normal-OriginalFromYearbook TheNormal-960px

Mar 4 2015

’67 Camaro – Reflections of Colorado

Created for client – husbands birthday.

I wanted to capture the car, and stir up memories of driving when he first got the car in Colorado.


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Original delivered to client…


Jul 20 2014

State Patrol

State Patrol

A new ‘law enforcement’ piece – shot in Pittsburg, Texas a few days ago on the way home from our Chicago, IL/New Buffalo, MI trip.

Jul 16 2014

Summer Shows – First Half

Here are some pics from our Chicago, Il, New Buffalo, MI, & Rockport, Texas shows…